Inner Garden: Classic Garden

Inner Garden: Classic Garden

Inner Garden: Classic Garden

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Inner Garden: Vegetable Garden

Christian Saggese "Inner Garden" - King Crimson

Expansion pack for the Inner Garden free app. Requires an up-to-date installation of Inner Garden.

Build yourself a garden like the old-world European aristocracy. Take a stroll on clay paths, around perfectly manicured parterres and topiaries. Hide away in hedge labyrinths or make a secret rendezvous in a secluded garden “room”. Have silent conversations with marble statues of fauns and goddesses, half-hidden in trees. Invite guests for dinner in your Renaissance mansion.

Classic Garden Expansion Pack is inspired by the historic gardens of Europe: from Renaissance gardens of Italy such as Villa d’Este to formal French gardens, most famously represented by the Gardens of Versailles.

Apart from a selection stylish plants, statues and structures, this art pack contains an extensive building set of parterre hedges which can be freely combined to create various shapes, from elaborate floral ornaments to extensive garden mazes, and even letters and numbers.

Plants: Old pruned pine (globular treetop), old Italian Cypress, "green pencil" cypress, bay laurel in a pot, circular and rectangular topiaries.

Other: Venus statue, Apollo statue (looking at each other with enamored gazes), Italian-Renaissance fountain and mansion, sandstone ballustrade, Temple of Friendship (classic-style marble gazebo), white luxury bench, decorative pool with Canna flowers, garden obelisk, Versailles-style marble urn.

A flexible building set of trimmed box hedges (parterres) in two heights, plus extra decorative pieces such as hedge arch, hemisphere, pillars etc. - see the screenshots.

- added a larger example garden to support devices with high resolution screens